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American Girl Themed TABLET?

Holy canole, Ladybug! American Girl is getting a themed-tablet made by Nabi!

Nabi is a maker of tablets for kids that's parent company, Fuhu, was acquired by Mattel last year. I saw a commercial for a Nabi tablet a couple years ago on Disney Channel, so I am familiar with the brand. Mattel decided to use the acquisition for a good use to it's other brands and decided to make Barbie-themed, Hot Wheels themed and....... drumroll, please.... AMERICAN GIRL-THEMED TABLETS! The American Girl themed tablet will be like a regular Nabi tablet, but it will have these features:

  • Regular Nabi tablet features, included screen time controls for parents and a red (berry for American Girl) bumper

  • More than 70 apps featuring both American Girl characters and crafts for your doll

I think this will be cute for young American Girl fans who aren't old enough for a real iPad, but give me my iPad complete with American Girl apps and I'm good.

The American Girl tablet will be released in October and will retail for $79.99. Way cheaper than a real iPad.

AMERICAN GIRL TRIVIA: This is American Girl's first ever foray into human technology.

COMMENT DISCUSSION QUESTION: How do you feel about this?

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