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Hump Day Shoutout

Today I got a doll-in-waiting in the mail! It's a secret who she is until I officially earn her, but here's a hint- retired GOTY with hazel eyes! She also came with a number of goodies that I could have now:

-A My American Girl Charm Necklace and two charms

-The Beachside Outfit

-A doll hairbrush

-Two doll tote bag

-Two Just Like You books- "I Love Cheerleading" and "29 Ways To Relax"

- A Innerstar U code for #27 (but the doll I got isn't #27)- I'll try it out on the amazing Wayback Machine!

Anyways, today's shoutout goes to:


AMERICAN GIRL TRIVIA: Mia was the first Girl of the Year to have a big ticket item- her bedroom furniture.

COMMENT DISCUSSION QUESTION: Guess my doll-in-waiting! You'll find out who in October!

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