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American Girl Stuff At Kohl's!

We happen to live 2 seconds away from a Kohl's, so when my sister needed a sheet for her project, we went to Kohl's! I tagged along to take pictures of the new American Girl stuff!

Some Kohl's locations already have Lea and the Wellie Wishers, but my Kohl's has some Mega Bloks stuff, the Daisy Princess Outfits and the Wellie Wishers books. I guess that the dolls will come on October 3, the date my post about the American Girl/Kohl's partnership pinpointed. But on the bright side:

MY MOM LET ME GET THE RIDDLE OF THE ROBIN! I've already read it, and it is very cute! I think little girls will enjoy it.

HUMP DAY SHOUTOUT: Cause it's getting late and I'm too lazy to check my stats, shoutout to Middleton, Wisconsin.

COMMENT DISCUSSION QUESTION: What's your favorite book?

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