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New Truly Me, GOTY or Contemporary Outfit!

A new outfit just leaked! I believe it is either for Truly Me, Girl of the Year 2017 Tenney Grant or the Contemporary Girl line set to debut this spring. Let's show it off!

SOOOOO CUTE! But then my sister will see this and say, "Welcome to a lesson about colors! Does this blue go with that blue? No! So this shouldn't be released by AG. This was a lesson about colors!" Yes, my sister does that and she's turning 15 on the 29th.

Here's some more photos:

I want this! When it shows up I'll be like, "Hey, I leaked that, btw."

AMERICAN GIRL TRIVIA: In late 2005, American Girl had delayed shipping due to Hurricane Katrina.

COMMENT DISCUSSION QUESTION: Are any of your dolls Historical/BeForever dolls?

MY ANSWER: Yes! I have every main Historical Character or BeForever except for Kirsten and Cecile/Marie Grace, and I also have Ruthie and Emily.

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