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OK, guys. Are you ready to hear who will retire next? I assumed you said yes, like Dora. Ok, here goes. But first, here's a hint- a favorite quote from her books: "Haste makes waste, ______".

Now's the real evidence time! A source discovered that American Girl will sell a Samantha holiday bundle at Costco this holiday season, much like Caroline (who was going out at the time) had a holiday bundle at Costco last year. So I connected the two, as well as the fact that Felicity will be making a return next year, and drew a conclusion.

When Samantha rereleased back in '14, what American Girl didn't tell us is that there would be a vault for the archived girls- in three years, Samantha would be put back and Felicity would come back out, and in three more years Felicity would be put back and I don't know, maybe Kirsten, would come back out, and so on. So that means one thing.

Samantha will archive for Felicity.

AMERICAN GIRL TRIVIA: It seems like three years is the limit for the girls who aren't selling well, as well as archived dolls being rereleased. I hope Maryellen won't be chopped off in 2 years! I LOVE MARYELLEN!

COMMENT DISCUSSION QUESTION: Look at the guess you made. Were you correct?

MY ANSWER: I predicted Samantha or Kit, so yeah! I'm right! I'm right. I'M RIGHT, I'M RIGHT, I'M RIGHT!

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