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American Girl At Kohl's Part 2!

My Kohl's got the dolls in! YAY! Let's take a look at what they have for American Girl at my Kohl's!

First, Lea and her meet outfit for girls! I think it's funny that Lea and the Wellie Wishers in the background have security alarms on them. Nothing has security alarms at the American Girl store!

My local Kohl's had Adventure Tees, Mix And Match Swim Sets, Beach Accessories, Sea Turtles, Beach Picnic Sets, Rainforest Hike Outfits and Accessories, Celebration Outfits, Rainforest Dreams Pajamas for dolls and girls (girls not pictured), Meet Outfits for Girls, and Three Toed Sloths.

And the Wellies are here too! All five.

And some more over here that got cropped out.

Oh, there's a couple more Mega Bloks sets left. No more Wellie Wisher books or Daisy Princess Outfits, however.

AMERICAN GIRL TRIVIA: Z Crew's extra three episodes were produced by the person who directed Maryellen And The Brightest Star.

COMMENT DISCUSSION QUESTION: What was your wackiest dream about American Girl dolls?

MY ANSWER: I had this dream last night. A friend of mine bought me Kendall and Camille for a birthday present, and when they held hands, Kendall and Camille threw money at me. I bought the other three Wellie girls so I could get more money!

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