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Samantha's At Costco!

Now, the Samantha Parkington doll is available to purchase at Costco stores nationwide! She comes with everything she comes with at American Girl, plus the holiday dress for her that leaked on eBay earlier this year and her fancy coat. Her price is $119.99. That's pretty good, considering that this set has a value of almost $200.

This confirms that Samantha will be retiring to make room for the return of Felicity Merriman in 2017. I have a Pre-Mattel Samantha that I got on Facebook in July 2016, and I love her! I also have a BeForever Samantha that I have in the box along with three other dolls in the box to donate to the hospital this holiday season. If you want Samantha, get her before she's gone!

Do you have Samantha?

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