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Welcome Doll 38!

Yes! Another month with perfect behavior means another dolly! (This is a big deal for me because I have Aspergers, a form of autism) And the doll is (last minute hint... she might be found at the 2018 Winter Olympics)....,..,,,....

Miss Mia St Clair! I'm so happy because I've wanted Mia for the LONGEST time. And it's a coincidence that I got her on Halloween, too! 

I got her from eBay for only $80 (the seller thought that she was a Truly Me) and, as a added bonus, Mia's old owner got Mia's ears pierced! Her legs are a bit loose, but hey, that's a good excuse to spend a AG gift card I forgot about from my birthday in January to get Mia some arm crutches! 

Who is your favorite GOTY and why? My favorite is Grace, partially because I have almost her entire collection, partially because I love her story, partially because of Miraculous Ladybug.

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