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GOTY 2017 Gabriela Book Three

On the Scholastic Parents site, I learned that the third Girl of the Year 2017 book for Gabriela McBride will not be written by Teresa E. Harris like her other two books that we know. Instead, it is going to be written by Varian Johnson, who is also a newcomer to the AG world. He is African-American and has written several young adult books with African-American people on the cover, so this adds to the rumor that Gabriela will be a remodel of the retired Truly Me #46.

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AMERICAN GIRL TRIVIA: Addy wasn't one of the Original 3 because American Girl felt that there wasn't a market for African-American families that bought from mail-order only catalogs.

COMMENT DISCUSSION QUESTION: If you could retire one doll from any collection, who would you retire?

MY ANSWER: I'd retire #22 because #22 and #27 are so similar and I'm eyeing #27 right now.

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