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Girl With Brain Cancer Gets An American Girl Doll

In Throop, Pennsylvania, some girls with big hearts made their classmate very happy.

Rosemarie Vasquez, a sixth-grade girl who is fighting brain cancer currently, received an American Girl doll (Truly Me #66, to be exact) in the Berry Wheelchair from her classmates at Mid Valley Elementary.

The kids in her sixth-grade class had a lemonade stand, a hot chocolate stand and asked for donations from their families, raising $300, exceeding the cost of a Truly Me doll and the Berry Wheelchair.

The kids are really sweet! I'm so glad that WNEP in Pennsylvania reported about this to let me know. Rosemarie must be VERY happy.

AMERICAN GIRL TRIVIA: In their old catalogs, American Girl used to include jokes.

COMMENT DISCUSSION QUESTION: What was the happiest moment of 2016 for you?

MY ANSWER: Winning Best Elementary Film at a local film festival.

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