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Lea's Beach Hut!

I think LeakFest has begun, because there's two leaks in one day! The Mega Bloks version of Lea's Rainforest House, Lea's Beach Hut has leaked! Here's a photo:

It looks so detailed! Lea's hair looks weird, but I'm glad they didn't mess up her skin tone!

Here's some more photos:

  • Lea has traveled to the Amazon Rainforest where she is about to discover a world of possibilities

  • The buildable beach hut includes a pet parrot, bed, and hammock

  • Includes themed accessories and real fabric details!

  • The fully articulated Lea mini figure is highly detailed

  • Great gift for any American girl fan

Oh! I have to go to the store! I'll leave you with this quick question: Where was the last place you've been?

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