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More Tenney Grant News!

WOAH! It seems like we're getting more updates on Tenney than Gabriela! Anyways, a AG employee stated these things about Tenney on Facebook:

-Tenney's date of release will be on 2/9/17

-Tenney will have wavy, long blond hair and brown eyes

-Tenney will have a (boy!) friend doll, Logan Everett, who is a drummer and will release with Tenney.

-Tenney's hands will have extra joints to hold her beloved banjo and guitar.

This seems so awesome! I can't wait for Tenney's extra joints and THE BOY! THE BOY!

AMERICAN GIRL TRIVIA: It took a long time to convince American Girl to make Logan Everett!

COMMENT DISCUSSION QUESTION: Do you have a boy doll?

MY ANSWER: No! Logan will be my first.

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