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Jessica's Journey

Who's Jessica, you may ask? My new AG doll!

She is a custom doll- a #13 with added freckles. (Don't worry- Anna's safe!)

But there is something that makes her stand out from the average custom:

She has a prosthetic leg that I 3D printed!

I decided to let you guys know how Jessica came to be:

A couple months ago, when Special Dolls was starting up, Dad found a headless AG doll on eBay for $40, so we got it to learn how a doll is made. After we learned, the headless doll just sat around in a corner in my room until recently, when I got my 3D printer. I printed up the prototype leg for Special Dolls and attached it to the doll! Then, to 3D print the head, Dad got a creepy headless eyeless doll as a base to 3D scan. He also found a #13 head, so he bought it for me because it was only $10 with free shipping! The head came today, so I did the work of freckling and attaching the head onto the body. Thus, Jessica was born!

NOTE ON MY DOLL HEADER: As my collection keeps growing, my website keeps getting slower to load because of all the dolls on the header. So, instead of having all my dolls on there at once, I decided to have a Doll of the Week section on the header! Each week, I'd draw a doll name in a hat to be the Doll of the Week, where her photo will be up on the AGDN header for the week (Sunday- late Saturday). There'd also be a post all about her! Doll of the Week will start tomorrow.

AMERICAN GIRL TRIVIA: Despite the prostetic leg not being offered by AG, AG shared the video of Emma's "leg-like-me" doll unboxing.

COMMENT DISCUSSION QUESTION: My math teacher has a random selection process to select students to solve math problems, and all the kids love to guess who'll be picked. Who do you think will be the Doll of the Week?

MY ANSWER: Hopefully not Jessica! She'd get all of the attention then.

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