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New Additions!

NOTE: If you are a angry bean, go to someone else's blog because my collection will keep growing.

Time to introduce you guys to the dolls I got for Christmas!

This doll I got from Santa:

This is Maesi Myers (TM #53), a 12 year old biracial (half Mexican/half white) girl who is a star football player from Casa Grande, Arizona. When she goes into middle school, she can't play for the Coyotes football team because she's a girl, so she teams up with a seventh grade public speaker, Tarren and a shy reporter in her first block, Jen to convince the county that girls can play football, too.

This next doll I got from Mom:

Camille ElGraw is like her canon self, obsessing over the ocean and mermaids.

This next doll I got from Grandma:

Emerald Chase (TM #65) is a ten-year-old girl who's lived her whole life in a homeless shelter after her parents abandoned her. When the homeless shelter runs out of money and is forced to close down, a nice girl named Carlie lets Emerald sleep in the basement of her house and live with Carlie. Emerald goes to regular school for the first time, where she meets her long lost twin Dana, who was also abandoned and lives with a nice girl named Shara. When Carlie's parents decide to move away, Emerald and Dana work together to find a loving home that they can live in, together.

And the rest are from Dad:

Lynlee Elliot (TM #19) is a 9 year old girl who is best friends with April. When April comes back from Los Angeles, Lynlee feels as if her best friend has changed and doesn't like that. But when April offers Lynlee a starring role in April's movie "The Adventures of Super Rachel- Bully Stopper!", Lynlee learns to accept April's true self and the two make amends.

Nellie O'Malley has her canon personality and a modern interest in cooking and science.

Ashlyn Willburg has her canon personality of loving all things princess.

Mayah Veranda (TM #66) is a 10-year old girl who is a aquatic explorer by heart- she loves snorkeling! But her family just doesn't get Mayah's love for adventure. They'd rather stay at home watching television then take Mayah to the beach. But when her friend Chelsy starts an Adventure Club, Mayah is the first one to join- a community of explorers like her is all she needs!

Marie-Grace Gardner is a 13 year old girl who is a tough cookie. She loves to paint inspirational murals of hope to the world. She has had cerebral palsy since birth, but she uses it as a upside instead of a downside- she can use her crutches to paint! Her favorite creation is a painting of swoops that says "Viva La Vida"- "Live Your Life" in Spanish!

McKenna Brooks is just like her canon self, but she likes rhythmic gymnastics instead of artistic.

AMERICAN GIRL TRIVIA: One girl in 1991 had over 100 AG dolls!

ADVERTISEMENT: Is anyone going to the AGP between tomorrow and December 31? If so, please email me pictures of the new Truly Me stuff at so I can post the photos.

COMMENT DISCUSSION QUESTION: Who is your favorite new doll of mine?

MY ANSWER: I can't choose! I love Maesi's story, Ashlyn's looks, Marie-Grace's personality- there's something great about everyone!

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