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Three Years AGo.... (Includes The Surprise!)

Three years AGo (see what I did there?), I made my first AGTube Video. I started my failed petition to make the GOTYs come back. But, the next reason is the reason why we're celebrating. I started

I still can't believe it. Three years seems such a long time, but it feels like it flew by. Back then, I was a popular nine-year old girl who had only 12 dolls. My mom was hiding the fact about my Asperger's from me, and I wasn't diagnosed with diabetes. A lot has changed, and AGDN has grew tons. Here's to another amazing year, and more!

OK, surprise time!

The surprise is.... there's three surprises!

Surprise 1 (Not a surprise if you subscribed to my YouTube channel...)- I made a three-year anniversary video! Here it is:

Surprise 2 is---

because I missed it so much---


Yes, the poll page is back. I missed that page so much, I wanted to bring it back! It has one poll right now, but I will make more later!

And last, but not least- the biggest surprise of all----


When I heard from American Girl's Facebook page that Gabriela wouldn't be getting a movie, I decided to make one. It is called Gabriela Makes Her Way and is based on the Gabriela book. I am currently writing the script. When I'm done, I'll send it to my acting school and hopefully we can make the movie together with real people!

AMERICAN GIRL TRIVIA: Lanie and Kanani didn't get movies for unknown reasons.

COMMENT DISCUSSION QUESTION: What's your favorite surprise?

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