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Who's The Girl?

I love my mom.

I know it's my dad who has an obsession of spoiling me, but Mom's getting me a very special birthday present- another doll!

Cause there's no leaks, I thought of a fun game to play. It's called "Who's The Girl?". Every day leading up to her big arrival, I'll tell you a clue about her. Then, you have to guess who she is.

Clue 1: She's a Truly Me from eBay!

Every day, I will also erase some paint from the seller's photo of her.

AMERICAN GIRL TRIVIA: The first Truly Me dolls to be retired were #9, #10 and #20.

COMMENT DISCUSSION QUESTION: Who do you think is hiding behind that mask? (@theagdollbunch, diversedollies, Kailey, AGMusic, and @agclubhouse- please don't tell because you already know!)

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