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New American Girl Book Series!

American Girl's making a new book series outside of the dolls! It is called Like Sisters, and centers on three girls- Emma, Sofia and Zoe. None of these names have been trademarked, so the characters from Like Sisters likely will not be dolls.

The first book is called Emma Moves In, and it is by Clare Hutton, the author of some Poison/Rotten Apple books.

"Emma has always loved spending time with her cousins, twin sisters Sofia and Zoe. Even though Emma lives 3,000 miles away, when they're together, it's like no time has passed. At a family reunion, the girls' parents have a big announcement: Emma's family is moving back to town--the three girls will finally live in the same place after all these years! Their parents are turning an old family home into a charming bed and breakfast. Sofa and Zoe are thrilled. Emma is looking forward to the move, but is secretly worried that her whole life is about to change in a big way. And it is. But the changes about to happen are both more wonderful and more challenging than any of the girls are expecting!"

I wish that these three were dolls!


AMERICAN GIRL TRIVIA: American Girl used to have a series of stand-alone books called AG Fiction. They dealt with more sensitive subjects, like smoking, divorce and disabilities.

COMMENT DISCUSSION QUESTION: If your life was a movie, what rating would it get?

MY ANSWER: Rated PG-13 for mild strong language, frequent blood and thematic elements.

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