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Tenney Store Event!

American Girl is having a Tenney store event! It will be on February 17, 18 and 19- no 16th, probably due to school for target-age girls. I have school, too, but my dad is going to pick up my Tenney and Logan for me while I am there. I'm trying to convince my parents to let me go with him! Here's the event description (I bolded important activities):

"Tenney Grant has music in her heart and a song to sing—come celebrate Tenney, our newest character, at an in-store event! This event will introduce girls to Tenney’s true passions—performing and songwriting. Girls will have an opportunity to dance and sing along with young musicians as they perform at the store. They’ll also have a chance to express and share their own creativity through a special free “instrument card” craft. And, while supplies last, girls will get a free guitar cookie and a Tenney-inspired T-shirt for their dolls!"

The event is from store opening time to 1 pm. The special guitar cookie is available on the 18th only.

I can't really talk, because my best friend Nicole is over. Bye!

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