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New American Girl Gymnastics Set!

Ring the bells- the eBay Leak Drought of January is officially OVER! Since the current gymnastics outfits have been out since 2015- two years ago- I think this will be a replacement to debut in the summer or fall. Here it is:

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THIS IS SO CUTE I LOVE IT. Grace and McKenna will be fighting over this leotard! I think the shorts won't come with it, but they might because AG is crazy.


Here's the close ups of the items in the listing:

AMERICAN GIRL TRIVIA: Every Summer Olympics, American Girl comes out with a new gymnastics outfit for Truly Me. Except for 2012, because we got a gymnastics GOTY that year.

COMMENT DISCUSSION QUESTION: What AG movie do you want to see?

MY ANSWER: Probably a Gabriela one. Wait- I'm making it! Then, a Rebecca one.

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