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The Teni Chronicles #3

Moving Home: by Teni Grant

It was Thursday, the big day. The day I'd finally be sold in the American Girl doll store. I was stocked in a shelf of Tenney dolls and Logan dolls, and I was trying to sleep. I slept until about 5 people mobbed my section. They were pulling my merchandise off of the shelves. It wasn't too long before a man noticed me and picked me up. I was happy that I'd finally be getting a home, but my smile turned into a frown when I noticed the man was carrying not one, but TWO LOGANS! Sweat raged into my vinyl, making it squishy. Then, I was grabbed into a bag and entered a car. When the car stopped the first time, the man took one of the Logans and ditched me. A couple minutes later, the man entered the car again and drove to a house, where he placed the rest of the bag on a table and left.

A couple of hours later, a girl with brown hair and glasses jumped with joy, took the bag to her room, and turned on a blinding light. Then, she hit a button on her iPad and said, "Hey guys! It's Sydney here, and today I will be opening my Teni and Logan dolls!" I sighed with relief knowing that I only had to deal with one Logan instead of 2. A half hour later, I was opened. I said to Logan, "Hi." Logan said, "Hi! I'm Logan. I love playing the guitar, but Mom got me a drum set instead. Do you want to play it?" I croaked out, "Sure!' I started to play Logan's drums. Sure enough, I loved playing it. It helped me distress after being in a box for the last previous months. "CLANG!" "You're great, Teni!", said Logan. I felt good at my new home- and I felt good that Logan liked me.

NOTE FROM SYDNEY: My dad got himself a Logan doll.

COMMENT DISCUSSION QUESTION: What doll has the most similar personality to you?


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