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Save the Vaquita!

OK. This is a rare post where more than half of the information is not related to American Girl. But I'm posting it anyways.

This is a vaquita- the smallest dolphin in the world.

Cute, right? Well, sadly, I have more dolls than there are vaquitas in the world.

I have about 50 dolls.

Only 30 vaquitas remain.

Here's some facts about why vaquitas are disappearing:

-Vaquitas were only discovered in 1958- when Maryellen was 13.

-Vaquitas live in the Gulf of California.

-Due to legal fishing nets, the vaquitas are dying.

So, here's some ways to help the vaquita:

-Have a lemonade stand or bake sale.

-Have a doll hair fixing business or a doll hair salon.

-Have a garage sale and get rid of stuff you don't want while raising money to save the vaquita! -Ask your school to have a fundraiser for the vaquita.

-If you are in Girl Scouts, ask to donate your cookie profits to help the vaquitas.

-Educate others about the vaquita- go to the sites listed at the end of this post to learn more and share this post with your friends!

What I'm going to do involves you guys. I am using my blog profits to buy one of those lots of 15 dolls on eBay, and I will customize the dolls, make movies for them and sell them on eBay. Depending on how much the auction costs, I'll divide that amount by 15 and that will be the starting bid.

Learn more about the vaquita at and

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