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American Girl Sale!

American Girl is having a sale! When you buy a outfit on the list below at full price, you get one 50% off! This sale ends March 31, so this is a perfect time to just treat yourself to a outfit or get something for Easter!

Here are the outfits:

-Ombre Ballet Outfit

-2 in 1 Cheer Gear

-Pomeranian PJs

-Boho Beauty Swimsuit

-Rainbow Sprinkles Outfit

-Western Plaid Outfit

-Lilac Dress (please new meet outfit!)

-Shimmer Doodle Outfit

-Sparkle Sweater Outfit

-Hit The Slopes Outfit

-Sparkle Spotlight Outfit

-Warm Winter Outfit

-Mod Monster Costume

-Celebration Outfit

-Rainforest Hike Outfit

-Bahia Outfit

-Samantha's Bicycling Outfit

-All of Maryellen's first-release clothes

-All of Melody's clothes

-Kit's Holiday Outfit

-Rebecca's Movie Dress

-Pow-Wow Dress Of Today

-Josefina's Summer Outfit

-Addy's Christmas Dress

-Addy's School Outfit

School starts in one minute. Gotta go! Bye!

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