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If you have been paying attention to the countdown until Z's release on this site, then you might've noticed that there are 50 DAYS UNTIL Z COMES OUT! YES, 50!

I am so excited!

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To celebrate, here's another sneak peek of Marie's book from Special Dolls:

"I was on the couch, making a list of ideas for my next “Change The World!” project. NO ideas seemed to come to me, which made me a bit upset. Alongside me was my 5 year old brother, Joey, watching TV. As soon as I thought of a tiny idea, I heard a TV announcer say, “During the day, she’s Smores, an average house puppy. But when her dad’s asleep, she becomes-” Then, Joey exclaimed with the TV, “SU-PER DOG!” The superhero music knocked out all of my ideas, which was disappointing. “Can’t you just be quiet?”, I asked loudly. “Well, you’re being loud!”, he said. He turned the volume up, and it shook my ears. I started to cover my ears and cry, which Joey did nothing about. He kept turning the volume louder and louder, up to the loudest setting possible, which broke a vase that held Mom’s favorite roses and spilt Georgia’s paints. Suddenly, Mom came into the living room. She looked at the table and gasped. “Who broke the vase and spilt Georgia’s paints?” As tears flew by, Joey said, “Marie did it, Mommy! Marie did it!” “Did not!’, I fired back weakly. “Did too.”, Joey said, stealing my comeback.“Did not!”“Did too.”“Did not!”“Did too.”“Did no..”Mom ended the fight by saying, “Enough is enough! Marie, go to your room. Joey, just turn the volume a bit down. Like, by 20 points.” Joey groaned and said, “Well, Marie was being a big baby and…” I didn’t hear the rest of Joey’s complaint because Mom was taking me to my room, when I was innocent and only crying because the noise was too loud.In my bedroom, I cried some more and put the tears on my pillows. Mom came over to me to calm me down. She asked, “What’s wrong?” And then I told her, “Well, Joey was watching TV and it ruined my train of thought for a giving project. I asked him to turn the volume down, but he did the opposite of what I said. The TV was blasting so loud that it broke the vase and spilled the paints! I’m sorry.” Mom said, “Nope, I’m sorry for blaming you. You know Joey doesn’t know about your Asperger’s. I’m sorry that he treated you that way.” As Mom gave me a kiss (I know, how cliche), she said, “We all have problems in life. The people who overcome them are the strong ones, just like you.” I smiled as Mom walked out of the room."

SPECIAL DOLLS TRIVIA: I had to name Marie's brother Joey because my dad forced me to because his name is Joey. COMMENT DISCUSSION QUESTION: What's a weird thing about your dad?

MY ANSWER: My Dad always wanted a American Man doll. So he bought himself Logan the first day.

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