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Two Video Tuesday!

Welcome to this new feature, Two Video Tuesday! It's where I pull up two random videos from my channel to be featured every Tuesday.

1- Grace's Beam Routine!

The lighting stinks in this video oh my cheeseballs. I was 10 and only nine days away from finding out that I had diabetes, so don't complain. Or do.

2- Opening A Surprise Doll (Marisol)

My first doll opening video ever! You know I don't usually play favorites, but Marisol is one of my favorites. Aside from being Rebecca Hansen in Different, she is diabetic like me (one of my Sydney touches to her character, I recieved her the day before the real life ending of Different (way different than what actually happened. Kahoot idea?) and she went to the hospital with me 9 days after I uploaded Video Number One on this post.

Ta-da! I'm trying to think of non-news post ideas to do on here because we're in the middle of a pre-spring leak drought. So, I hope you liked this!

AMERICAN GIRL TRIVIA: Marisol was the first GOTY to sell out before she retired.

COMMENT DISCUSSION QUESTION: What was the first AGTube video you watched (if you remember)

MY ANSWER: I don't remember the exact first video, but a few of my firsts were Doll Story by basilmentos and AG News by butterflycandy.

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