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Real Life American Girls

American Girl doll stories usually have kind of sugar coated stories. Things always go right for the characters. Girl of the Year dolls, specifically.

-Lindsey's ending was the most realistic- she learned a lesson.

-Kailey saved the tide pools.

-Marisol's was a tiny realistic- it was a "we'll see" about a new dance studio.


-Nicki saw Sprocket again. THAT NEVER HAPPENS.

-Mia's was realistic- she only got 3rd place in Nationals.

-Chrissa's was realistic- the parents made a anti-bullying club.

-Lanie had a whole garden festival- woah!

-Kanani made amends with her friends. That is a tad realistic.

-McKenna got a spot on the gymnastic team.

-Saige brought back art.

-Isabelle went on a TRAVELLING TOUR with her IDOL.

-Grace saved the bakery by offering French stuff and making it pretty. (And Sylvie came from France, and she won a baking competition)

-Lea got her friend from Brazil to come to America in the books and she literally saved her brother and all the animals of Brazil without parental supervision in the movie.

-Gabriela literally got CBS News to cover her park dance

So, we should share AG our ideas for stories!

Submit them here:

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