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Story Time!

Since there's no leaks, I decided to play a game with myself. I had to generate a number 1-66 and come up with a story for that doll. Here we go!

#26- Virginia-

Virginia is a girl who is a supermodel. Her dad runs a famous modeling agency called the Katie Corporation. Virginia wishes she lead a normal life like everyone else, but she can't. She has to eat less than everyone else in order to be skinny and appeal to people. Pretty soon, Virginia gets diagnosed with anorexia and has to learn that she doesn't have to be a model- she can be herself.

#57- Susan-

Susan is a punk rocker and she loves My Chemical Romance. When her parents get divorced and her favorite band breaks up, she starts getting depressed. It starts getting so deep she has to go to a clinic to get better. While she is there, she meets Ella Edwards, who is also going through a divorce. Ella and Susan learn a very important lesson to bring back to their tattered families.

And Ella is 52, and I have Ella.

#38- Chelsy-

Chelsy McCutchin is a born explorer with an adventurous spirit. She wants to go explore the world. Too bad she lives in the middle of nowhere! She feels alone inside the indoors until she meets Robin LaCoy, a girl who just moved in from England. Together, along with Kalli Hernandez, Mayah Veranda, and Leslee Carpenter, they start an Adventure Club, where Chelsy’s dreams are realized.

#12- Kathi-

Kathi was born deaf. She learned to read and write, and she became a blogger. Her blog started taking off, and more and more people read it. The thing is- nobody who read it knew Kathi was deaf. Which is why, when she gets invited to BlogCon in London, she gets a bit nervous for her panel. She does not know how to speak, and she can only use sign language. Can she find her voice in time for BlogCon?

#36- Rose-

Rose was never the golden child. Her sister Zoey, a actress, always got all of the attention. Rose's dreams to be a park ranger, however, were never realized. Which made Rose really mad and Rose decided to bully people. When she bullies April, a aspiring director trying to make a anti-bullying movie, she learns that this is her chance to turn her mind around for the greater good.


AMERICAN GIRL TRIVIA: Shoutout to diversedollies and Nicolette Walter-Chase for being cool!

COMMENT DISCUSSION QUESTION: Who's story did you like the best?

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