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Nanea Mitchell's Eyes- Fixed or Sleep?

There has been lots of rumors flying around that because of

Nanea Mitchell's extra painted eyelashes and her WellieWisher-like mold, she cannot blink like every single American Girl doll. In the doll world, it is called fixed eyes when dolls eyes cannot blink. WellieWishers and Journey Girls are examples of dolls with fixed eyes. It is called sleep eyes when doll's eyes blink. American Girl, Our Generation and Springfield are examples of dolls with sleep eyes.

Now that I defined the terms, let's get to the rumor debunking.

The people who theorize fixed eyes for Nanea Mitchell are just guessing that because of her extra painted eyelashes and her new face mold, which is similar to the WellieWisher mold. As stated before, the WellieWishers' eyes are fixed. But I believe that these people didn't pay close enough attention to the More Characters and More Stories to Love video, because look at this screenshot:


Which means, Nanea has sleep eyes!

AMERICAN GIRL TRIVIA: Nanea, as well as every future BeForever from the 1940s and earlier, will not have permapanties.

COMMENT DISCUSSION QUESTION: Thanks to the boys from school for submitting this question! Is "Did you hear the joke about the lightbulb? That was pretty lit!" a good joke?


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