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Z is here, as well as the rest of the Spring Release! I'm getting her today- it will be hard concentrating in boring middle school when I'm getting a new doll right after school!

Before we take a look at the new stuff, let's look at Z's Play page!

The Meet Z page shows all of Z's interests, and you can watch Z crew episodes. read an excerpt of The Real Z, go 360 with Z and her friends (I love the new 360 things, because I have 2 VR viewers) and take an And Action quiz! I took a webcam of me taking the quiz (it's unlisted, so you guys are the only ones to see it)

If you want to see Z's stuff, hit Mr. Link.

Besides that and books, this was the only new stuff this release.

But before I go, here's a funny thing for you guys:

(ag why u lyin)

Who wants to get Z? I'm getting her today!

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