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Doll of the Week: Katie!

It's time for Doll of the Week! This week, it's Katie!

I got Katie on April 15, 2017- just in time for Easter! She is a renamed Ivy Ling doll.

Katie likes theater and musicals a lot. She likes to sing songs from them all, especially Hamilton, but often the other dolls get annoyed at Katie because she doesn't sing that well. She is outgoing, lively and always the center of attention. She likes theater so much that she doesn't know what basic things are, such as Kahoot (proof below):

The video above is Katie's only video so far.

AMERICAN GIRL TRIVIA: Ivy and Julie's release was the first time a Best Friend was released with the main character. Prior to their release in 2007, the best friends came out when the main character's movie released.

COMMENT DISCUSSION QUESTION: Do you have a doll named after anyone specific?

MY ANSWER: Katie is named after my BFF @theschuylerdolls on Instagram!

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