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eBay Leak Central

Welcome to eBay Leak Central! There are two items today. Here we go:

First, a wig for the custom line:

Second, some tangerine sandals that look pretty good:

Lastly, a Hello Summer sunglasses tee:

AMERICAN GIRL TRIVIA: Every two years, AG makes a new Truly Me meet outfit.

COMMENT DISCUSSION QUESTION: What meet outfits do you have?

MY ANSWER: I got the Go Anywhere jacket and the First Day Outfit in a lot, I got the I Like Your Style Outfit with Ivy (#16), I got the Real Me outfit with Amelia (#2), I got the True Spirit Outfit with Sierra (#30), Sydney (#59), Abigail (#24), Ocean (#47), Summer (#44) and Rose (#36) and I got the Lilac Dress with Shelly (#21), April (#49), Jade (#60), Lynlee (#19), Mayah (#66), Emerald (#65), Maesi (#53), Ella (#52) and May (#26). I will be making a chart of what meet outfit we have most in common!

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