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Book Covers!

Today, thanks to Amazon, we have BOOK COVERS!

The fourth book in the bestselling series from American Girl and Williams Sonoma, American Girl Breakfast & Brunch features over 45 delicious recipes that are accessible to young chefs. Inspiring photography, ideas for planning brunch parties with friends and family, and plenty of helpful cooking tips make this book the perfect gift for the budding chef in your life and a great gift for the many American Girl fans out there. From muffins and pancakes, to cheesy egg sandwiches and cinnamon rolls, there’s something everyone will enjoy. This cumulative book starts with Breakfast Basics: a chapter dedicated to all the essentials to making a stand-out spread, including Easy Fried Eggs, Basic and Lemon-Poppy Seed Waffles, and four kinds of muffins. Next up is Sweet Treats, which is chockfull of favorites like Cinnamon Rolls with Cream Cheese Frosting, Sweet & Savory Mini Scones, and other treats. Discover yummy additions to round out your breakfast, such as Maple-Glazed Bacon, a Coffee-Free “Latte,” and other drinks in Tasty Extras. You’ll find delicious and wholesome options in Good for You, such as a sweet Coconut & Chia-Seed Pudding and homemade granola. Egg-cellent Eats offers eggs in all forms: scrambled and wrapped inside Breakfast Burritos, fried inside a Toad in A Hole, and so much more. Gather your friends for some Crowd Pleasers that no one can resist, like Peach-Blackberry Crisp and PB&J Paninis. Throughout the book you’ll find inspiring ideas and photography for making a party out of all the new skills and recipes you’ve learned along the way. Whether you want to surprise a parent with breakfast in bed, host an epic next-day sleepover breakfast party or a DIY brunch smorgasbord with friends, or simply improve your smoothie game, this book has got you covered. American Girl Breakfast and Brunch goes with the exclusive line of cookware products from Williams Sonoma and American Girl, but these delicious recipes can also be made with the utensils you already have in your home. This companion title to American Girl Baking will be a staple in the kitchen for your little chef.

"You'll be "sew amazing" when you create a fashion studio and runway for your doll! As the designer, you'll have access to the behind-the scenes process of designing and making clothes for a fashion show, including the tools of the trade such as: a sewing machine, dress form, measuring tape, runway, paper patterns, and much more!"

"Digital devices put a whole world at your fingertips. Play a game, listen to music, do research for school, read a story, or make a video―anywhere, anytime. Connect with friends and family in fast and easy ways. Post photos and share ideas and inspiration. And that's only a small part of it. Just like the real world, the digital world is full of exciting, helpful, and even life-changing possibilities. And just as in the real world, you need to know how to navigate it wisely and keep yourself safe. With everything from quizzes that test safety smarts to advice on how to deal with cyberbullying, this book will get you started."

""Does your doll love pets of every kind? Does she make friends with everything furry, finny, and feathery? How about animals that oink, whinny, or hop? This kit gets her all set to adopt any number of favorite pets! Inside, she’ll find advice, activities, and accessories to make having a pet a paws-itively wonderful experience. From leashes and litter trays to training and tricks, she’ll be completely equipped for purrrr-fect pet adventures! Includes a 32-page how-to book 9 pom-poms for pets, 7 sheets of punch-out card stock for pet accessories, faux pet treats, a port-a-pet house, animal masks, a hamster condo, a litter box, and event accessories. Plus, 1 sheet of glitter goldfish, 4 poly bags for goldfish, 1 dog-show audience poster, 1 sheet of paper with a barn-wood pattern, and 1 sheet of stickers for labels, signs, awards, and wall art."

These books are newly listed. They will come out on Halloween.

"Meet Tenney Grant! Tenney has a world of feelings and ideas inside of her -- all she needs now is the right stage to share her songs! But she soon finds out that it takes more than just hard work and talent to stay true to herself and her music. This box set includes paperbacks of the first three novels in her series. Tenney: Tenney Grant's biggest dream is to share what's in her heart through music. Little does she know, she's about to get the opportunity of a lifetime. Tenney in the Key of Friendship: Tenney knows that building a music career takes time and dedication. So does being a good friend. Tenney Shares the Stage: Tenney and her music partner, Logan, are a harmonious match onstage, but behind the scenes, they are totally out of tune."

"Meet the 2017 Girl of the Year, Gabriela McBride! She's a true talent who gets creative for a cause. This box set contains paperbacks of the three novels in her series. Gabriela: Gabby loves expressing herself -- especially in the dance studio -- but lately, poetry is becoming her art form of choice. Can Gabby use the power of her words to save her beloved community arts center from shutting down? Gabriela Speaks Out: Gabby hopes to win the school election so she can speak out for change. Can she beat her rival, the confident and intimidating Aaliyah Reade-Johnson? Gabriela Novel 3: Gabby is juggling rehearsals for a poetry competition and a new dance opportunity. But is it possible to do both...and be a good friend, too?"

AMERICAN GIRL TRIVIA: The first GOTY to have a boxed set was Isabelle. Her set came with a paper doll fashion design set.

COMMENT DISCUSSION QUESTION: What hobby do you want Luciana to have? (GOTY 2018)

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