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How To Avoid Permapanties

Hello! I know some of you guys here CAN'T wait until there is no more permapanties, but you guys can start acting now on the no-permapanty train! Here's a guide on permapanty-less dolls.

For starters, here's a list of the dolls that WILL be getting permapanties.






-All Truly Me dolls

AG stated on their Facebook multiple times that Gabriela will NOT be getting permapanties.

Now, here's my tips!


-All Z Yang dolls have permapanties, so if you want Z but not her permapanties, do a body swap with a permapanty-less doll.

-My easy tip for Tenney is to take advantage of her wearing a skirt and having the new box. Tip the box over and you'll see! Also, I heard that all the Tenney dolls that they shipped to Kohl's have permapanties, so if you don't want permapanties, go to an AG store.


-You will have to open the lid to check if your Maryellen, Melody or Julie have permapanties.

-For Maryellen and Melody, all you need to do once the lid is open is take the skirt of her dress up to the top and you can check.

-For Julie, you can put your finger under her jeans and feel the underwear- try taking it off.

-For Maryellen and Julie, you can also feel the back. If there is neck strings, then there are no permapanties guarrenteed! (Melody was released with a zip tie.)

-For all of them, you can check their body tag. If it says 2014 or earlier, than there is no permapanties. If it says 2017, then there is!


-The most popular Truly Me dolls (#55, #58, #25, etc.) will get permapanties first.

-There is an easy way to check them without taking the lid off! If the dolls are advertised as having the Truly Me activity on the box, then you are good. If the dolls are just standalone, there is a chance you'll get permapanties.

-When you open the lid on your doll with the new sticker, roll up her dress and see. Also, check her body tag for 2014 or earlier. If it says 2017, you're out of luck.

I hope this helped!

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COMMENT DISCUSSION QUESTION: Least favorite thing about AG?

MY ANSWER: They've been so good at keeping things under wraps lately. GRR!

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