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Libby's Life: Chapter Three

My awesome co-writer Katie has been writing so much Libby that I decided that her story will be posted on Saturdays and Mondays! Here. We. GO!

I was curious to find out more foods I was allergic too. I looked through the book, and flipped to baking supplies. At the Very High section, there was nothing, so I looked over to the High section. Corn syrup. “WHAT THE HECK CORN SYRUP?”, I thought. “Welp, I need an organic diet. Like everything that is not organic has corn syrup in it.” “No more cereal for me!” “No more gum or popcorn. Dang it!” “THERE’S VEGGIES I CAN’T EAT???” “Bye bye, broccoli.” “I guess I’ll have to have no more peanut butter-jelly sandwiches.”

“YESSSS!NO MORE HARRIS TEETER! Trader Joe’s here I come! (sorry to my parents wallets)”

“NOO!No fruit flavors,honey,honey flavors,jam,NO MOLASSES!,raw sugar,peppermints,mints,gum or liquorice!”

“Yay! No more Lunchables!”

Every page of that book was a new lesson. I was thinking that I would starve to death.