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Libby's Life: Chapter Three

My awesome co-writer Katie has been writing so much Libby that I decided that her story will be posted on Saturdays and Mondays! Here. We. GO!

I was curious to find out more foods I was allergic too. I looked through the book, and flipped to baking supplies. At the Very High section, there was nothing, so I looked over to the High section. Corn syrup. “WHAT THE HECK CORN SYRUP?”, I thought. “Welp, I need an organic diet. Like everything that is not organic has corn syrup in it.” “No more cereal for me!” “No more gum or popcorn. Dang it!” “THERE’S VEGGIES I CAN’T EAT???” “Bye bye, broccoli.” “I guess I’ll have to have no more peanut butter-jelly sandwiches.”

“YESSSS!NO MORE HARRIS TEETER! Trader Joe’s here I come! (sorry to my parents wallets)”

“NOO!No fruit flavors,honey,honey flavors,jam,NO MOLASSES!,raw sugar,peppermints,mints,gum or liquorice!”

“Yay! No more Lunchables!”

Every page of that book was a new lesson. I was thinking that I would starve to death.

The next morning,I was discharged from the hospital. Instead of going home, my parents brought me straight to Trader Joe’s. We bought basically everything in the store that were necessities to make meals.

COMMENT DISCUSSION QUESTION: Submitted by HiImAwesome: Favorite WellieWisher?

MY ANSWER: Willa or Emerson.

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