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Libby's Life: Chapter Seven!

I forgot to post this and the Memorial Day games because I was watching a movie. Oops!

"Today was Sunday.The big day.The grand debut of Libster’s at the local market.I was a bit nervous because I didn’t know anybody that was salicylate-intolerant, so nobody would buy my low-salicylate meals. As I got my booth ready, I saw a cute little dog running towards my booth. It gave me the confidence that I needed to market my business.I saw Nellie run towards me.”Libby!What are you doing at the market?”she said.”I would say the same to you”I replied.Nellie started to speak.”Well our parents wanted me to go out to the market to get a good deal on some UGGS.” I didn’t believe what Nellie was saying. She never was a fan of UGGS, or maybe I didn’t know she was. Besides, we have always had a strained relationship,as I didn’t consider her my real sister.Nellie spoke some more.”Well I better get going to the UGGS stand,don’t wanna get my good deal stolen from me!” “Well, OK. Bye.” Nellie trailed off, as if she didn’t care about me at all. I felt terrible. Hurt.Libster’s would be a fail."

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