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AG Summer Release Photos!

Thanks to my dad and my sister for letting me go to the mall, I got photos of some of the new releases! These include Girl of the Year, Tenney and Logan and WellieWishers.

Gabriela's Loft Bed- $200

Gabriela's Chair and Ottoman Set- $48

Gabriela's Take Flight Performance Outfit- here's AG's photo because I forgot to take the photo for this outfit:

There was also headphones and a makeup bag for girls.

Tenney's Sparkling Performance Set- $34

Logan's Performance Outfit- $34

Thanks a lot H&M for ruining this photo

There was also a girl sized Tenney's Hat and Necklace and music cartridges for Tenney's stage.

Here's a gallery of the WellieWishers items. The names are in the gallery.

Good night everyone! I'll be on chat if you want to come!

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