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Meet My New Dolls!

Meet my new dolls!

Destiny Faith Warner is the American Girl employee who thought of permapanties. After PantyGate, American Girl fired her and sewed on her underwear. After getting turned down numerous jobs because of her permapanties, Destiny saved a old man from getting SuperGlued on a tree and became Captain Permapanties!

Chelsea Paige Jenson is a girl who is a triple threat. Not what you think one is- acting, singing and dancing- but hers is soccer, gymnastics and swimming! It's sometimes hard to balance all three sports, but Chelsea makes it work out.

Celeste Lee Frank is a spunky, sweet and caring girl who would do anything to help out a friend. She loves candy, sugar and believes in fairies. But one day the unthinkable happens- Celeste's home gets hit by a hurricane. Tramuatized by this event, Celeste loses her spirit. But then she soon finds a new- and better- one.

I love my new dolls! I paid for them with my Adsense money, so I should be thanking YOU GUYS for supporting AGDN! Without you guys, I wouldn't be able to buy all three new Truly Mes for you guys!

Before I go, here's a panty update:


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