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American Girl Benefit Sale

Great news for AGDN readers- I'm going to the American Girl Benefit Sale! WAHOO!

I'm going at 7:30 on Saturday, July 22- my diaversary- and 9 on Sunday! If anyone else that is going has that time or a close time and you spot me, feel free to say hello! I'll post what I'll wear the day before the benefit sale. The whole reason I'm going is because of my diaversary and a raffle or silent auction for a certain little someone- read below to find out!

I heard that there might be a raffle or silent auction on Nanea, so I'm going to enter for her if that rumor is true!

Here's my Benefit Sale wishlist (I'm buying lots of dolls and Dad's buying me dolls too because we want to complete my AG collection, but these are my top 5 wants in order-)

1- Nanea Mitchell

2- Just Like You 48

3- Just Like You 17

4- Just Like You 38

5- Just Like You 45

P.S: Diaversary means anniversary of the day you were diagnosed with diabetes. Last year, for my first diaversary, I had a party and got Beckie and Samantha. This year, though, will be WAY COOLER!

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