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Benefit Sale 2017: Day 1!

My adventure started at 5 am today. I got dressed, brushed my hair and teeth, blogged- and then me and my dad were off to the American Girl Benefit Sale!

Me and my dad arrived around 5:45 at the sale. We were in a line by the Porta Potties and chatted with the people in front and behind us for about an hour. While I was in line, I met Bella from @thenookdolls! We were sent to the waiting tent around 6:30.

Me and my dad had 7:30 tickets, so we waited around 15 minutes until they started letting people in. Before that, Lisa Clark, the American Girl Benefit Sale manager, gave a speech and then the go-ahead for the 7 am ticket-people to come to the warehouse. Everyone was clapping for them!

Me and my dad then waited 30 more minutes to go in. When I went in, some people clapped for me because they knew my blog! I felt really happy, because I read online that you are only supposed to clap for the 7 am people and not anyone else.

When I went in, there was a whole bunch of BeForever dolls. They had Caroline and Molly too- I was shocked that they had Molly! I then looked at other stuff, including the Girl of the Year dolls, the Bitties and WellieWishers, and the books. I got Lea's cat, which will be shipped to me.

I then went to the Truly Me section, which was my main priority. Dad was letting me get 16 Truly Mes, which was the limit because we had 2 tickets. I went for the ones that were retired first, and then the ones that had a larger limit than other dolls. I then got some other Truly Mes that I liked, and pretty soon our bags were full! Me and Dad then checked out and went straight to the UPS section to ship my dolls.

I decided to take one out of her box and bring as a carry-on item. I chose #38, who was the only 38 left in the sale! Some sale volunteers helped me name her Danielle.

After Dad took my dolls to UPS, we went to the Grand Raffle tent and wrote out 50 tickets in the Grand Raffle. (They'll call me if I win- pray for it!) Then we went to the Silent Auction table and looked around. They had many different items- Caroline's Parlor, Addy's Scenes and Settings, American Girl catalogs from 1995. But what caught my eye was the Buy It Now retired dolls. Yes, I got Cecile- for only $175!

After I bought Cecile, I went to a vendor and got a really pretty black dress. In the photo below, Danielle's wearing it.

After we went to the vendor, me and Dad left the sale. At 9:30- probably record time!

Now, the highly anticipated list of dolls I got!

Cecile Rey

Danielle McKenzie (#38)

The following dolls are nameless. When they arrive, I'll figure it out. In the meantime, comment down name ideas!

I'll be back tomorrow!

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