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Create Your Own Commercial!

Here are some screenshots I took from the Create Your Own commercial:

I spy with my little eye the Nanea mold!

And some new face molds too!

This is what it wil look like when you design a doll.

This is a new face mold. I nicknamed it the Sydney mold, because there is no doll that goes with it. 

All the choices!

Another doll with the Sydney mold! Yay!

Accessory pack choosing.

Name and personality choice.

Dark skinned Jess mold!

Light skinned Addy!

The box!

Outfit maker!

Now, it's time to do the math to see how many combos you can make! (I'm excluding braces, earrings, hearing aids, outfits and accessories)

5 molds times 3 skin tones times 7 eye colors times 112 hair choices equals= 11,760 choices! 

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