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AG Life Auditions!

Are you between the ages of 13-16? Do you live in New York City or the surrounding areas? On August 24 at 10:00 am, the American Girl store in NYC will have auditions for AG Life! I wish I could audition, but I'm only 12 and I live SO FAR AWAY from New York City. This is what the AG site said:

Exciting News! American Girl is holding an open casting call at our American Girl Place New York store for our popular YouTube show AG Life. We are looking for girls, age 13-16, who embody AG Life with their creativity and love for life. Auditions will be held at American Girl New York Place 609 5th Ave, New York, NY 10017. Please RSVP to participate at this link.

This is the RSVP Link:

This is the requirement list for AG Life: Thank you for your interest in becoming the next host of American Girl's AG Life! Here are a few guidelines before you submit the form:

1) We are looking for girls (age 13-16, all ethnicities) who can really embody AG Life with their creativity and love for life. We are specifically looking for girls who bring their own hobby/interests/special skills to the table like dancing, singing, baking, crafting, etc. We are especially looking for inspirational young ladies that can inspire our subscribers. You must be comfortable improvising, learning scripts and creating self recorded segments. Although experience is not required, knowledge of social media/youtube would be a plus.

2) Be sure to fill out the form below with a parent or guardian present. On audition days, you must have at least one parent or guardian in attendance as they will need to fill out paperwork for consent to be on camera. You will not be permitted to audition without a parent or guardian present.

3) AG Hosts film a few times a week, so you must reside in close proximity of New York City and have the full permission of your parent/guardian to make the time commitment.

4) The open call will take place Thursday August 24th 2017. Registration is from 10:00am to 12:00pm.

5) Callback auditions are tentatively scheduled for September 12, 2017.

6) You must be available for both audition and callback dates.

7) Submitting the form automatically RSVP's you for the auditions. Upon submission you will receive an e-mail confirmation including further details.

8) This RSVP does not guarantee that you will be seen if you arrive after the registration time.

9) No talent will receive any compensation unless they are chosen as the final cast for AG Life.

10) Although we encourage an RSVP, you can also show up for the open call audition.

11) The first 300 registered on site the day of the open call will be guaranteed an audition. Our goal is to see as many girls as time allows!

On the form, they ask for this information:

Full name

Birth date

City and State

Phone Number

Email Address

Whether it is singing, dancing or ventriloquy, we want to hear all about the cool things you do. Please describe your unique talents.

Why should you be the next host of AG Life?

This is the contract logistics:

*Please note that only the talent chosen for the final cast will receive any compensation* Non Union Webisodes Run: Youtube Only (See Special Notes) Production Company: Driver Digital Casting Director: Rachel Reiss and Angela Mickey Casting Date: Thursday August 24 th Callback: TBD Week of 9/10/17 Shoot/Start Date: September 2017 (see notes) Pay Rate: See notes

Location: NYC. Must be local to the Tri-State Area. The chosen host will shoot toughly 36 episodes per year. On shoot weeks, they will shoot 1-2 shoots per week, with multiple off weeks. This will be on an on-call basis, but talent will have X notice for the shoot.

AG Life is a show about being a girl and being awesome! Have fun, share creativity, and make a difference! Join the conversation with #TeamAGLife. We are looking for up to 3 girls to join the team.

Rate/Usage Notes: The Performer for his/her services shall receive remuneration at the following rates:

a. Full Day rate; $350 for up to 6 hours. +10%

b. Half Day rate; $175 for up to 3 hours. +10%

At Home Record rate; $50.00 per record request as defined by Producer. +10%

Additional Services Rate – other than first day: a. $90.00 per hour. +10% Renewal of Series Fee Renewal fee will be at a minimum 5% increase with a larger increase at the discretion of the Producer.

Publicity:(a) render services in connection with a reasonable number of standard openings, closings, lead-ins, lead-outs, for the Program and episodic trailers, behind-scene shots, on-set interviews, promotional films, commercials, webisodes, mobisodes, and other enhanced or added value material (including but not limited to blogging, live chat appearances on live forums) and promotional footage, which services shall be subject to Performer’s prior professional contractual availability outside production periods;(b) render services in connection with Producer’s publicity requirements subject to Performer’s prior professional contractual availability; (c) appear and participate in the Producer’s and/or its third party licensee’s still photo gallery shoot, the Producer’s and/or its third party licensee’s ‘on-air’ image campaign (if any), the Producer’s and/or its third party licensee’s satellite press tour (if any) and such other publicity and related services as Producer or its third party licensees may reasonably require in connection with the Program.

If you're auditioning for AG Life, let me know in the comments! If you get in, I'd be so happy to see you on there!

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