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Nanea Photos!

These are my photos from what I got from Nanea's collection.

Nanea Naked:

No permapanties!

She has the new body fabric.

She has white boy-leg underpants.

Nanea in her meet:

The bag and necklace are part of her Accessories.

Nanea's Accessories-

Break to talk about a fun Nanea fact:

-Nanea's address is 8087 Fern Street, Honolulu, HI. Even though Nanea's house is fictional, Fern Street is a real Hawaiian street- and it's right by where Nanea went to school in her books- Leolani Elementary- which is still up and running today!

Nanea's Dog, Mele

Mele is so furry you can barely see her brown eyes and brown collar!

Nanea's Hula Outfit

Fun fact: Nanea's grass skirt smells like grass!

Nanea's Tropical PJs

AG Rewards Exclusives:

AG Rewards members also got her second book as a bonus, but I gave my Nanea books that came with the bundle to the lady at the Origins right by the AG store who gives me free facials all the time, Connie. (Thanks for the facials, Connie!)

I got three Nanea postcard templates, a Nanea bookmark, tropical stickers, and a doll-and-girl sized Nanea poster. I know what I'm putting up in my room when I move in to my new house!

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