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Great news- I'm moving into my new house on Saturday! I am so happy, because this means the end of all this house stress.

Thank you guys so much for supporting me through this tough time.


Oh, and also,

Ivy, Nicki, Chrissa, Julie, Lanie, Kit, Ruthie, Kanani, Caroline, Sierra, Sydney, Saige, Isabelle, Anna, Kaya, Felicity, Opal, Abigail, Grace, Ocean, Summer, Marisol, Beth, Shelly, Emily, Maryellen, Lindsey, Lea, Molly, April, Jade, Beckie, Samantha, Melody, Sonali, Gwen, Rose, Mia, Jessica, Lynlee, McKenna, Emerald, Mayah, Ashlyn, Nellie, Marie-Grace, Camille, Maesi, Hope, Gabriela, Kendall, Amelia, Ella, Emerson, Teni, Logan, May, Katie, Z, Libby, Zoe, Alyson, Peggy, Scarlett, Chelsea, Celeste, Destiny, Harper, Autumn, JoJo, Ada, Spring, Madison, Serenity, Shyla, Danielle, Kennedy, Delilah, Sunny, Rachel, Kara, Audra, Eliza, Amber, Stephanie, Olive, Cecile, Kirsten, Kailey and Nanea

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