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New Blog Features

Here's some upcoming features that are coming to AGDN in the next week!

STARTING TOMORROW, AUGUST 8: New page- Sydney's Guide to Create Your Own: I will work on making EVERY combination (excluding ear piercing, hearing aids, braces, glasses, outfits and accessory packs- it would be the same doll then) available on this page, and the codes to order the combination. And I'll study to memorize them all- it will be hard!

STARTING NEXT WEEK, AUGUST 14: New blog segment- 60 Minute Short Stories: I will challenge myself to write a short story every day- but I only have an hour to write the entire thing. I will make the story available to you guys a week after I write it (for example, the story I write today will be the premiere story on August 14). It will involve all sorts of characters- American Girl dolls, characters from my original movies, series and books and even Snickerdoodle sometimes!

How do you like this idea?

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