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I just checked the American Girl website (it's 6:00 Middleton time) and Create Your Own isn't out. I am so mad! I checked the Shop page and the new Guy Stuff book was out. Maybe Create Your Own won't come out today after all... everything's going wrong in my life right now! First, my iPad cracks (really badly), and now Create Your Own isn't out...

Actually, I think it might take long to update all the combos and stuff- there's over a million of them! I'm anticipating that it will be out by noon Middleton time.

While I wait, I'm going to write a 60 Minute Short Story, dress my dolls, and play games on my site. PLEASE DON'T GO ON THE AMERICAN GIRL SITE (UNLESS IT'S TO CHECK ON CREATE YOUR OWN). It might overwhelm the system of Create Your Own dolls!

If you want to talk to American Girl, you can comment on their Instagram @americangirlbrand, and these are their phone numbers:

Headquarters- (608) 836-4848

Customer Service- (800)-845-0005

I'd try the headquarters first, because Customer Service is getting lots of calls because the site is glitching.

The Headquarters phone opens at 8 am Central and Customer Service opens at 7 am Central.

I'll also be on Chat if anyone wants to talk!

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