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Videos and TV

I have two announcements in this post. Sorry I have been lacking on leaks, my two major eBay sources are both on vacation, I think. Both of them were on vacation this time of year last year, so I guess it's an annual thing.

First, I have two silly new videos I uploaded today! One is the Girl of the Years reacting to the most cringeworthy song ever, and another one is a video I made in response to a silly nickname for Gabriela.

Another annoucement: I switched services for SM Network TV! The new service I'm using is called Strimm, and is better than the service I've been using because it has a real schedule while the old service just played a playlist in continuous loop. You can't embed it to your site, though, so I just made the link on the sidebar underneath TV.


You are right! There are TWO NEW SM NETWORK TV CHANNELS! This means you have three great SM Network channels to choose from! You can go to TV, click what channel you want to watch, and it will take you to the channel stream.

The two new channels are:

AG TV- A channel of official AG content, including AG Life, Z's Crew, American Girl movies and more!

AGTubeTV- Videos by your favorite AGTubers, as well as series such as Aspen Heights, Plot Twist and more!

And there will be more channels to come! Comment down an idea for a SM Network channel.

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