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New Movie: Jammed!

I am feeling better! I was so disappointed that I was sick yesterday and today until about 2 pm (my legs and stomach hurt), because school starts in only 9 days and I want to film a lot for the rest of the summer.

Why, you may ask? I'm working on a new movie!

I slacked on my summer movie this year, and all of you guys know why (moving twice, divorce stuff, 2 vacations). For the first time in SM Network history, (unless I miraculously finish in the 8 days of summer I have left), there was no summer movie.

But to make it up to you guys, since I'm all settled in my new house, I started working on a movie last week! It's called Jammed (credit to AGRainbows5 for the title), and the main cast is all dolls that I got at the Benefit Sale that haven't been in a video before. I'm hoping to have it finished by the time I get my Elliana prototype, because I'll be busy with Special Dolls by then and the movie will be less of a priority.

(L-R) Audra is Eden, Serenity is Paige, Delilah is Crystal and Sunny is Lucille.

PLOT: Eden, Paige, Crystal and Sunny have been best friends since first grade, and they all love music. Eden sings, Paige plays the drums, Crystal plays the piano and Lucille plays the guitar. On Lucille's thirteenth birthday, she wishes for her friends to start a band- and they do start a band, called Jammed! When they upload a video of them playing on YouTube, they become overnight stars and even get signed to James McKenna (Logan), a famous producer's record label! As the girls record more songs and become more famous, the girls start noticing James doesn't care what they want to do and uses them for money. Will James continue with his ways? Or will the four girls realize that there is something better than fame and fortune?

I don't have a release date yet because I don't want to pressure myself. What do you guys think? If you like it, you can listen to the song that went viral in the movie, Think About Us, now here:

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