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Today's the day! Nanea is out! (Fireworks and confetti)

If you want to see the Truly Me and Nanea stuff, check my posts from yesterday! Here, I'm posting everything that DIDN'T leak! (The site is glitching, but I found the new stuff on

Bad news? Addy and Samantha are officially cubed as of today.

Good news? Here's the new goodies:


Gabriela's Celebration Dress- $36

I know what Gabriela's going to wear on the Lea Clark's 2017-2018 New Year's Eve special! SO PRETTY!

Gabriela's Colorful Cupcake Set- $34

AMAZING! I lost pretty much all the treats from Grace's Bakery during the move, so I could restock it with better snacks!

Gabriela: Time For Change is also on the site, though backordered until September 8.

All Tenney and Logan got was Tenney: A Song For The Season, again with a backorder of September 8.

Z's Rainy Day Outfit- $34

It's cute, but it bugs me that everything clashes. And it has no umbrella.

Popcorn's Rainy Day Outfit- $28

The DOG gets an umbrella, but not the human? That's strange. Anyways, it also clashes. And my dog would be miserable wearing that outfit.

Z's Media Kit- $60

It's cute, but it probably won't be able to fit two or more dolls. And it's overpriced, too! I got my green screen for $12. Pass!

Z On Location is out too, but backordered until September 8.


Cosy Up Cocoa Stand- $48


Make Tracks Sled and Snow Shoes- $24

It doesn't snow much here in North Carolina, but if it snows again this winter (we haven't got a good snow in 4 YEARS!), my WellieWishers will have "snow" much fun outside!

Casually Cosy Outfit- $28

Ugly. And overpriced.


Everyone but the cubed girls and Josefina got something new! (Kaya FINALLY got a outfit that isn't a Pow Wow Dress of Today!)

All Julie got was an update to her bunny- a new bed! This new version is $24 rather than $20.

Eh. I liked the old bed better.

Kaya got an outfit and 2 accessories:

Kaya's Trading Outfit- $36

I really like this! It would join my Christmas list if my Kaya wasn't modern.

Kaya's Trading Accessories- $36

Wow! This is really cool and historically accurate.

Beaver- $20

Beaver, oh, Beaver, have fun being in my nightmares!

Kit got a new outfit and a new accessory set.

Kit's Christmas Outfit- $36

One word. UGLY!

Kit's Christmas Stocking- $20

This is cute, but my complaint is you can't put stuff in it like last year's Christmas Eve Set stocking.

Maryellen's Rockin' Roller Skating Outfit- $28

Maryellen, you're one of my favorites. You deserve better outfits.

Maryellen's Roller Skating Accessories- $48

It's cute, but HOW IS THIS THE SAME PRICE AS GABRIELA'S PERFORMANCE CASE??? Oh well. I'll ask Santa for it.

Melody's Birthday Outfit- $32

This isn't normally my taste, but Melody can pull off anything. I'll take 2, one for Melody and one for Gabriela. Wait, and another for my #46, Kara.

Melody's Birthday Party Accessories- $40

CUTE! I think I've said cute like 20 times in this post. Oh whale.

Rebecca's Winter Jacket- $34

Pretty, but I'll wait for a sale. I need to concentrate on getting her Holiday Dress first.

That's it! Here's your reward for making it to the end of this post:

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