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We Love Gabriela

As many of you guys know, since 2015 I have been campaigning for a disabled Girl of the Year doll. On December 6, 2016, my mission became victory when it leaked out that Gabriela McBride would be the first Girl of the Year with a disability. Little did I know that she'd be snubbed.

I sometimes feel like Tenney should've been the GOTY this year and they should've released #67 as Gabriela for 2018 with a better, more developed collection. American Girl has done some terrible things for Gabriela:

-First GOTY to be simply a reused Truly Me.

-First GOTY to be overshadowed by another doll with a more thought out collection and a BOY FRIEND DOLL.

-First GOTY since Kanani NOT to have a movie.

-First GOTY to not be hyped up.

Who got the commercial that's played on Disney Channel and Nickelodeon? Tenney! Who has 3/4 of Gabriela's store space? Tenney and Z! Who got all the hype, promotion and glory? Tenney! Who got the movie? Z! (Don't get me wrong, I love both Tenney and Z and have them both, but GABRIELA NEEDS APPRECIATION!)

So, I came up with a plan to show American Girl that Gabriela deserves more store space, a movie, all the shiny things GOTYs usually have. It's called, We Love Gabriela.

Here's all the things you can do to participate in this campaign:

Today to September 6: Post on YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, blog, AG message boards, whatnot- why you think Gabriela deserves more love. Make sure to hashtag it #WeLoveGabriela! On YouTube, post videos of Gabriela doing things or your dolls celebrating Gabriela, and on Instagram, post pictures of Gabriela or your dolls holding #WeLoveGabriela signs. Tag AG!

Today to December 25: If you're considering Gabriela or something from her collection, add the thing you're thinking of to your wish list. Show AG that she can sell like hotcakes!

Today to September 1: Write a letter to AG about We Love Gabriela! Send it on September 1 so it can arrive by September 7.

September 7 will be We Love Gabriela day. On this day, call and email AG and tell them about We Love Gabriela! Comment on their Facebook, Instagram and YouTube, and tweet to them! You can do this every day up to September 7!

Here's some helpful info:

Send your letters to: American Girl, 8400 Fairway Place, Middleton, WI, 53562

Write on envelope- ATTENTION: KATY DICKSON

Call these numbers:

800-845-0005: Customer Service (ask for more promotion of Gabriela here)

608-836-4848: Headquarters (ask for more Gabriela product here)

877-247-5223: Stores (ask for more Gabriela store space here)

Write to:


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