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Contemporary Story Starter Collections!

AG has a cool deal on Gabriela, Z and Tenney today! They are selling starter collections for the dolls for only $165- a whole 30% off!

Gabriela's starter collection includes these items:

-Gabriela doll and book set

-Gabriela's Rehearsal Outfit

-Gabriela's Tap Shoes

-Gabriela's Showtime Case for Girls

-Gabriela's Celebration Dress

-Gabriela: Time for Change book

Tenney's bundle includes these items:

-Tenney doll and book

-Tenney's Sparkling Performance Set

-Tenney's Banjo

-Tenney's Hat and Necklace

-Sing Your Story Tee for Girls

-Tenney Shares The Stage book

Z's bundle includes these items:

-Z doll and book

-Z's Easy Breezy Outfit

-Z's Scooter

-Z Crew Shirt for Girls

-Z on Location book

Are you interested? I would be if I didn't have all three dolls already.

P.S: I'm waiting on my Barnes and Noble to get Gabriela: Time for Change and Tenney: A Song for the Season in and then I'll review em for you guys!

P.P.S: Interview with J.J Howard, the author of Z on Location, coming soon!

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