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American Girl Club!

I made a new page- the American Girl Club! It's kind of like the old AG club that AG did before, but it's cooler. The club page is pretty cool! There is six different categories you can choose from to post about on the Club page, and you can comment on them and chat! The Members subpage is where you get to see who else is a member of the Club, write a bio on yourself, and change your display name and photo! It's pretty cool!

Four of the categories are regular ol' categories, but two of them are special:

Events- Here, you can post events related to American Girl that you want people to go to! For example, say Bob wanted to go to the American Girl store in Chicago, but wanted to see if anyone would meet Bob there. So, Bob would say: "I'm going to the American Girl store in Chicago on October 2 at 4 pm if anyone wants to go!" To create an event, you must be a trusted member of the Club, have at least 5 followers on the Members page and have it must be related to American Girl (Me excluded, even if I don't get 5 followers on the Members page)

Meetings- It won't be an American Girl Club without meetings! Every Friday at 7:30 Eastern, I come on the Meetings category to lead a Club meeting about any AG topic of our choice- I'll post polls on the Club the day before to decide! It is a half hour long and super cool!

Join the club now on the AG Club page!

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